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BigCommerce is the leading e-commerce platform for fast-growing and mid-market brands. BigCommerce’s cloud-based platform enables merchants to cost-effectively grow their businesses with more traffic, higher conversion and superior performance.

The integration allows you to quickly and easily transfer your BigCommerce contacts, orders and products into Max Classic, allowing you to leverage the CRM power of Max Classic while having the benefits of the BigCommerce platform.


  1. Do I need the E-Commerce module to use BigCommerce?
    Yes, when BigCommerce syncs the orders, they will not be accessible without the E-Commerce module.
  2. How frequently do orders sync from BigCommerce to Max Classic?
    Orders sync from BigCommerce to Max Classic within 15 minutes of the order being placed.
  3. Can I sync multiple BigCommerce stores to a single Max Classic application?
    Yes, you can.  To do so, add and configure the Max Classic app in your BigCommerce store dashboard on each of your BigCommerce stores. The “Store Code” value entered in the app configuration in the BigCommerce dashboard will be included in the Order Title in Infusionsoft, so entering distinct Store Code values in each of your BigCommerce apps will make it easy to identify the origin of your orders in Infusionsoft.
  4. I don’t see an order in Max Classic that was placed in BigCommerce. Why not?
    There are a few reasons an order may not have synced to Max Classic:
    • Orders are synced every 15 minutes, so if the order was recently placed, this may be the cause.
    • If an order is placed and the contact has no email address, it will not be synced to Max Classic.
    • Orders with the following statuses are NOT synced:
      • Incomplete
      • Pending
      • Refunded
      • Cancelled
      • Declined
      • Awaiting Payment
      • Manual Verification Required
      • Disputed

  5. A Purchase Goal in a campaign was not triggered.  Why not?
    Purchase goals are not triggered by external orders. An alternative way to set up a purchase goal is to use BigCommerce Order Placed or the BigCommerce Product Purchased campaign found in the Marketplace. Additionally, an API Goal may be used as follows with an Integration value of “BCORDER” and a Call Name value of “BC” or the "store code" that you entered on the BigCommerce configuration page. For more information view the help article BigCommerce API Goals.
  6. What’s the difference between the “BigCommerce Order Placed” campaign and the “BigCommerce Product Purchased” campaign?
    The "BigCommerce Order Placed” campaign is triggered for any order placed, regardless of what products are on the order, while the “BigCommerce Product Purchased” campaign is triggered based on the purchase of a specific product SKU.
  7. How can I trigger a campaign when one of several products is purchased?
    Start by using “BigCommerce Product Purchased” campaign (from the Marketplace), then duplicate the goal for each product you would like to trigger the campaign.
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