How to create Action Sets and Rules

Action sets can be used both inside and outside of a campaign in order to give you access to additional actions. The most common uses are to create orders for up-sells or running an action if a field is blank.

  1. Navigate to CRM > Settings

  2. Click on Actions Sets in the column to the left

  3. Click on Add an Action Set in the top right

  4. Name your action set

  5. Select an action from the Add New Action drop-down. In this example, we chose an action that Applies a tag to the contact.

  6. (Optional) Set a rule

    1. Click on Only run this action when certain rules are met checkbox

    2. Click Add to create a new rule.

    3. Name the rule

    4. Choose if the rule is true when all, any, or none of the criteria is true. You can create multiple criteria and use this logic to determine when the action is run.

    5. Click Create Criteria

    6. Select the field you want to run the rule on and set the criteria. Click Save Criteria when you are done.

    7. Click Save

  7. Click Save on the action

  8. Click Save on your action set

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