Campaign Sequence - Field Timers

Field Timers allow you to schedule a marketing piece based on a date or date/time field in the contact record. There are two default date fields in every contact record: Anniversary Date and Birthday Date. You can also create your own custom date or date/time field.

Pro Tip! Only one type of timer can be used per "Start" button. Meaning, Start > Email > Delay Timer > Task > Date Timer wouldn't work. Instead the "Date Timer" would need to be on it's own "Start" button.

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  1. Drag the "Field Timer" snippet onto the canvas

  2. Double-click timer to configure

  3. In the "Wait Until" section, select either:
    • To run on day(s), week(s), month(s) 

    • And either delay before or after the custom date

  4. In the Contact Field section, select the date field. By default, Birthday and Anniversary will always show in the drop down. Any new custom date or date/time fields will show here too.
    1. Next Occurrence will look at the Mont/Date to schedule the event
    2. Use Year from Field will look at the Month/Date & Year to decide when to schedule the event

  5. Choose Time Frame: 
    • To process at a specific time of day 
    • To process any time, meaning that as soon as the contact landed on the timer it would process
    • Use contact's time zone will send based on the time zone saved in the contacts record (optional)

  6. You are now ready to publish your changes.
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