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There are several Sales Reports (CRM > Reports > Sales)  that will help you evaluate sales rep effectiveness by individual or  team. You can use these reports to educate and strengthen your sales  team and see who is best at identifying qualified leads.

Sale Rep Conversion Percentages

The sales rep conversion  percentages report shows who is most effective at moving opportunities  from stage to stage, by percentage. You can filter this report by date  ranges, stages, teams, and individual users. A high move percentage  indicates a sales rep is actively engaging with the prospects to keep  them from stalling in the pipeline. You can also see the percentage of  opportunities that are moved from new opportunity to the "won" stage to  see overall close percentage.


Conversion Percentages (created by)

The conversion  percentages (created by) report shows who is most effective at  identifying and creating qualified opportunities. You can filter this  report by date ranges, stages, teams, and individual users. This report  displays the move and close percentages based on the person who created  the opportunity instead of the responsible sales rep. If you use a  qualifying team to filter sales leads, this report can tell you who is  most effective at the qualifying process.


Stage to Stage Report

The stage to stage report shows the  number of leads a sales rep has moved from one stage to the next within  a specific date range. It calculates the average number of days the rep  takes to move leads out of the first stage you select based on the  total number of days for all of the leads in that stage divided by the  total number of leads moved from the first stage into the next. You can  filter this report by move date, "from" and "to" stage, as well as sales  rep and /or sales team.


Sales Cycle Report

The sales cycle report shows the  average number of days an opportunity remains in any given stage. This  is a consolidated report that combines the total of number of days  opportunities remain in a stage and divides it by the number of stage  moves. It lists the sales rep, the total number of opportunities  assigned to the sales rep, and the average number of days it takes the  rep to move the stage. A low average generally means the sales rep is  actively working with their prospects to keep them moving through the  sales pipeline. A high average may mean that a sales rep has too many  opportunities assigned to them and / or needs training on how to work  with prospects more effectively. You can filter this report by sales  rep, user group, and date range.

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