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You can automatically queue a job to create a letter document in a campaign sequence. This allows you to incorporate direct mail into your marketing mix. When a letter template is triggered through the sequence, the system will queue up a letter fulfillment job on the home page dashboard of the user. The user then prints the letters and prepares them for mailing.


Click here to learn how to process a letter template once you have it all set up and running.

  1. Drag the Letter Communication process snippet onto the canvas
  2. Double-click it to configure the settings.
  3. (Optional) You can copy a letter you have already created in an existing campaign. You can also preview, rename or revert changes from the Action drop down.
  4. Choose the person who will be responsible for processing the letter. You may also send that user an email notification when a new letter job is ready to be completed.

  5. Design your letter communication using the design menu and letter snippets.
  6. When you are finished editing your letter, change the status from Draft to Ready.
  7. Don't forget to publish your changes when you are done.
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