Inventory Notifications And Sold Out Automation

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Important! Inventory tracking is disabled by default. You must turn it on through E-Commerce > Settings > Product.

Basic inventory tracking is integrated with each product record. This feature allows you to put an inventory number into Keap that is decreased with each purchase made through the shopping cart, an order form, or as part of a manual order. When the quantity reaches a specified threshold, Keap automatically sends a notification email so that you can re-stock and update the inventory amount in Keap. This simply alerts you that you need more inventory.

The inventory function can't track orders that are processed outside of Keap unless you are using a 3rd-party Shopping cart integration like BigCommerce, but you can manually decrease the inventory amount to account for outside sales.

If you check the box (see step 5) the item will no longer be available on order forms or the shopping cart when the inventory amount reaches zero.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Products in the main navigation menu
  2. Click on a Product
  3. Click on the Inventory tab

    Type: Increase inventory when you've re-ordered items and need to increase the inventory amount recorded in Keap. Decrease the inventory to manually account for sales made outside of Keap.

    Quantity: Enter a number. If you choose to increase the inventory, this number will be added to the Current Quantity. If you choose to decrease the inventory, this number will be subtracted from the Current Quantity.
  4. Click on the Adjust button to apply the change
  5. Set up a notification email

    • Notify This Email: Enter the email address that will receive an alert when the inventory gets low.
    • Notify Limit: Enter the threshold the system will use to trigger the email notification. (e.g. If you enter 10, the system will send the email when the Current Quantity drops to 10.)
    • Show product as sold out when inventory reaches 0: Make sure this box is checked so that the item will no longer be available on order forms or the shopping cart when your inventory drops to zero!

  6. Click on the Update button to apply the change

  7. Click on Save
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