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As your business grows, you may want to upgrade your account to a newer edition, add user (employee) licenses, increase your contact limit, or add services for plug-ins and additional products. You can always contact us for assistance. 

Upgrade your contact or user limit from your app

  1. Navigate to Admin > Billing & Account Info.

  2. Click View and update subscription

  3. Click the Add contacts and users button

  4. Choose which items you would like to add

  5. Click the Add button

  6. If you chose to add additional contacts, enter the number of contacts you would like to add

  7. After adding 2500 contacts and 3 new users, you'll see the additional cost to the right of the item

  8. Now, click the Update Subscription button

  9. Your purchase details include a prorated amount for the time remaining in your billing cycle and the new monthly amount beginning with your next billing cycle.
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