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Follow up on those incomplete purchases. Now you can create a sequence that lets you trigger automation based on a failed purchase. You can set up the sequence to immediately send an email, apply a tag, or run other automation.

The Failed Purchase Goal will trigger automation when a failed credit card purchase occurs in an Infusionsoft order form or the Infusionsoft Shopping Cart.

  1. Click and drag the Failed Purchase goal onto the canvas.
  2. Double click the name to edit the name of your goal.
  3. Configure your Failed Purchase Goal - Double click the Failed Purchase goal or single-click and choose View and edit.
    • Select Any Purchase to trigger the automation when a failed credit card purchase occurs for any of your products.
    • Select Specific Product Purchase to trigger the following automation when a failed credit card purchase occurs for a specific product.  Start typing the name of the desired product in the search bar and choose the correct product from the drop-down menu.
    • Select Product in Specific Category Purchase to trigger the following automation when a failed credit card purchase occurs for a product in a specific product category. Click in the search box and select the desired product category from the drop-down.
    • Click Save to continue.

  4. Click and drag a Sequence onto the canvas to the right of your Failed Purchase goal.

  5. Connect the  Failed Purchase goal to the Sequence by hovering over the Failed Purchase goal, left click and hold on the arrow symbol, drag to the Sequence and release.

  6. Double click the Sequence to configure automation to follow the Failed Purchase goal

  7. Click and drag your desired Timer, Process or Communications items from the left side sequence tools menu and place them to the right of the Start icon to configure the automated process that will follow the Failed Purchase Goal. Double click each Timer, Communication, or Process icon placed on the canvas to configure.
  8. All icons should be in a Green/Ready status.

9. Toggle from Draft to Ready in the upper right hand corner.

10. Click the back arrow in the upper left hand corner to return to the canvas.

11. The Failed Purchase goals and Sequence should be in a Green/Ready status.

12. Click Publish in the upper right-hand corner.

Pro-Tip: Failed Purchase goal triggers on any Order payment failure, not just the initial payment attempt.

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