BigCommerce API Goals

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Order API goal

Using the "BCORDER" API goal, you can automatically segment customers based on whether they are new or repeat, and send corresponding communications either welcoming them or thanking them for returning.

  • Integration: BCORDER (fixed value)
  • Call Name: BC - This represents the "store code" that you entered on the BigCommerce configuration page. The default value is "BC", but if you changed this value, you'll use whatever store code you have on file. 


Product/SKU API goal

  • Automate campaign sequences when a customer purchases a specific product, allowing you to offer related product suggestions.
  • Automate campaign sequences when a customer purchases a specific product, allowing you to remind the customer to replenish (consumable items) at the right time (similar to above example, but for consumables)
  • Integration: BCSKU (fixed value)
  • Call Name: Product SKU (set to any SKU value)


Coupon API goal

Automate a campaign sequence based on the use of a coupon code. For example, if a customer uses a code you promoted on Instagram, you can add them to campaign sequences based on the knowledge that Instagram drove the customer to the store. The customer can also be segmented/tagged as an "Instagram" user for use in later communications.

  • Integration: BCCOUPON (fixed value)
  • Call Name: Coupon code (set to any coupon code value)

Other Goals

  • Using a tag-applied goal for the customer group tag, you can automate campaign sequences for customers who are part of specific customer groups within BigCommerce.
  • It's still possible to use tag-applied goals for the Coupon and Product/SKU; however, this functionality makes it possible to have product/SKU and coupon goals without the need for tagging (in case you don't want to enable tagging.)
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