Create a new referral partner record

Follow the directions below to create a new referral partner manually. 

  1. Make sure a contact record for the partner already exists before continuing

  2. Go to CRM > Referral Partners in the main navigation menu

  3. Select Add a Referral Partner from the Referral Partners menu

  4. Type the name of the contact you are created the Referral Partner record for

  5. Add a name for your referral partner. It can be the same as the contact's name, or it can be an entity that the contact is associated with (e.g. a professional organization.)

  6.  Create a code that will used as the referral partner's tracking code:
    1. It is included in all of the referral tracking links and resources
    2. It's the referral partner's username when logging into their referral partner center
    3. The code must start with a letter with no spaces

  7. The password will log the referral partner into their referral partner center. You can merge this password into follow-up email since you are creating the password for them.

  8. The parent referral partner to this referral partner. However, you cannot select self as the parent. This is optional.

  9.  Select "Active" from the drop down otherwise the referral partner will be created as inactive

  10. Select whether or not to send a notification when a lead or sale is made

  11. The number of days to track the lead.  Limit the number of days the referral partner's tracking cookie is active after a link click. Leave this field blank if you do not want to limit the credit window.

  12.  The cart skin is a legacy shopping cart theme to use when customers access the shopping cart through this referral partner.  This is optional.

  13. Click on the "Save" to create the referral partner record

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