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Add a referral partner manually

Follow the directions below to create a new referral partner manually. Make sure a contact record for the partner already exists before continuing.

  1. Go to CRM > Referral Partners in the main navigation menu.

  2. Select Add a Referral Partner from the Referral Partners menu.

  3. Enter the Referral Partner Information.

    • Contact - This is a search box. Enter a contact's name and the search will locate matching contact records. Click on a name to select the person.
    • Name: This is the name of the referral partner. It can be the same as the contact's name, or it can be an entity that the contact is associated with (e.g. a professional organization.)
    • Code: This is the referral partner's tracking code. It is included in all of the referral tracking links and resources. It is also the referral partner's username when logging into the Referral Partner Center. The code must start with a letter. You can merge the code into follow-up emails.
    • Password: This is the password the partner will use to log into the Referral Partner Center. You can merge this password into follow-up emails.
    • (Optional) Parent - Enter a contact's name and click Search to locate the parent partner. This only applies if you have a multi-level referral program.
    • Status - Select active so this partner will be eligible for commissions. You can inactivate partners who are no longer involved in your partner program.
    • Notify on Lead: If you set this to yes, the partner will receive an automated email notification when one of their referrals fills out a web form or landing page.
    • Notify on Sale: If you set this to yes, the partner will receive an automated email notification when a referral purchases something from you.
    • Track Leads for: Limit the number of days the referral partner's tracking cookie is active after a link click. Leave this field blank if you do not want to limit the credit window.
    • (Optional) Cart Skin: By default, the partner's referrals will see the same shopping cart theme that all of your other buyers see. This might be appropriate if the partner is an "industry influencer" and desires their referrals to have an experience consistent with their own content.

  4. Click on the Save button to create the referral partner record.

  5. Go to the Commission Programs section to assign the partner to a commission program. Select a program from the drop-down and click on the Add button.

  6. (Optional) Repeat this process to assign the partner to additional programs.

    Individual Commission Structures
    If this referral partner has a unique agreement with you that includes an individualized commissions structure, go to the commissions tab in the bottom row of tabs to enter their commissions, instead of entering the commission program(s) as described above. This process is the same one you used to create Commission Programs.

Import Referral Partners

Please contact Sales at 1.866.800.0004 ext. 1 for details on "Advanced Import Services."

Batch assign a list of contacts to a referral partner program

  1. Go to CRM > Settings in the main navigation menu.
  2. Click on Action Sets
  3. Click the Add an Action Set button
  4. Name the action set something you can easily remember
  5. In the Add New Actions drop-down select Create Referral Partner
  6. Choose the program name to add the list to.
  7. Configure any other Referral Partner settings you would like (Notifications, Credit Window, etc.)
  8. Click Save.
  9. Find the list of people that you would like to add to the program by searching for them.
  10. Once you have your list of people, click the Actions drop-down and select Apply Action Set.
  11. From the Actions drop-down, click on the Run Other Action Set option.
  12. Select the action set from the drop-down.
  13. Click Save.
  14. Click Process Action

Create Referral Partner automatically in a Campaign

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