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With checkout pages, small businesses using Infusionsoft by Keap’s E-Commerce platform can customize a web page with their product or service and let customers buy directly online, without ever having to get on the phone. Please Note: Checkout Pages does not work with PayPal Express.

Table of Contents:

Setup Checkout Pages

  1. Go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup

  2. On the right side under Order Forms click Checkout Pages

  3. You have a choice to:

    1. Create from scratch

    2. Use a template

    3. Your page - Use a template you have edited

Checkout page setup

  1. Name your checkout page

  2. Optional settings - Select your font type and font size

  3. Click "Next Step"

Checkout Button

  1. From the left menu drag the button element
  2. Place where it highlights in blue

  3. Click button element to configure

Template Checkout Button

If using a template click the button that is already placed on the Checkout page to configure

Configure Checkout Button

  1. Enter a Name

  2. From the "Action" drop down select "Link to checkout"

How to add products to checkout

  1. Click "Products"

  2. Type the product name
    and select from drop down

How to manage and create products through Checkout button

  1. Click "Manage Products"

  2. Create a new product

    When ready click "Next Step"

Checkout Settings - Redirect visitor to

  • After a successful purchase you can redirect your customer to a URL or a page in your funnel

    • If you select a page in your funnel then select the page from the drop down

  • Click "Go Live"

  • The URL will display in the top right

How to manage your pages

  1. From the "Design" tab

  2. Click "Manages Pages" from the left side menu

  3. Click on the pencil icon to start editing that page

  4. Click "Create a blank page" to create a new funnel page

Add additional pages to your funnel 

This allows you to build funnels with upselling and down sell opportunities. Manage form redirects through Checkout button "Action" drop down

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