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If you commonly sell groups of products together, you can create product bundle links to make it easier for customers to purchase the product package. The product bundle links add multiple items to the shopping cart with one click; however, they do not apply a discount by default (the price is the sum of the prices of the products in the package). You will need to set up a promo code discount to use in conjunction with the product bundle links if you want to offer a discount. Product Bundle Links can be put on your website or can be included in an email you send to prospects.

Please note! The Product Bundle Links that you create are not saved in Max Classic for future reference. If you stop using one and forget the link URL, you'll need to rebuild the Product Bundle Link in Max Classic.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup
  2. Go to Products and click on Product Bundle Links.
  3. Type the name of a product into the search box and click on its name to select it. Note: If the product is sold as a one time product and a subscription or has multiple subscription plans, select the purchase method from the Subscription Plan drop-down.
  4. Click the Add To Bundle button. Repeat these steps to add more products to the bundle.
  5. Review the items in the bundle and increase the quantity if the bundle includes more than one of any products.
  6. (Optional) Checkout Type. The bundle uses the default cart checkout type (Single-Step or Multi-Step.) Select a checkout type from the drop-down if you want to override the cart default. Note: Single step has lower cart abandonment rates.
  7. (Optional) Promo Code. Select a promo code from the drop-down to apply a discount to the product bundle link. Note: The promo code discount must be setup through E-Commerce > Promotions.
  8. (Optional) Don't allow these products or subscriptions to be removed from the cart. Mark this checkbox if you want to hide the remove links on the checkout page. This means the customer cannot remove any of the products in the bundle and checkout with a partial order.
  9. (Optional) Remove all other products from the cart when this link is clicked. Mark this checkbox if you want to clear all of the current items in the cart if the link is clicked. This might apply if you sell 3 products individually or as a bundle. If the customer clicks on the bundle link, you'd want to remove all of the individual items from the cart to avoid duplication.
  10. The product bundle link is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  11. Click on it to verify it is correct.
  12. Click on Copy to save the URL to your clipboard.
  13. Send this link to your webmaster or add it to your website yourself.
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