New User Invite Process

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This is the experience your users will have when being invited to your Infusionsoft account. If you need to learn how to invite a new user, check out this article. This includes brand new users and those users that already have an Infusionsoft ID on another Infusionsoft account.

Table of Contents:

Invite Email 

Be sure that they check their junk/spam folder if they don't see it in their inbox

Create Your Infusionsoft ID

If this is your first time creating a Infusionsoft ID continue to complete the form.  

Sign in With an Existing ID

If you already have an Infusionsoft ID click the "Log in" next to the "Already have an ID?" and then login with your existing password.

Pro-Tip: If you are not able to see the Save & Continue button after you click the Terms Agreement and Accept scroll down or decrease your browser zoom. Even if your page looks normal decreasing your browser zoom will allow you to locate the Save & Continue button.

Once you click Save & Continue you will be logged into your New Account and prompted to create your User Profile. This includes creating an Email Signature, add a Logo, and more.

Don't forget to check your email for your Account Information. Your Infusionsoft application is referred to as an App not to be confused with a mobile app.

In the URL, you have your APP ID which is just like an Account Number. Support will ask for this number  to locate your Account. It's also used when connecting plugins.

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