Infusionsoft by Keap

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The My Nav portion of the navigation pane lets you bookmark top used features for easier access. These might include such items as Basic Training with resources to get you started using Infusionsoft. Initial Setup with a checklist of actions needed to set up your Infusionsoft application, the customizable Dashboard with tools and widgets to see your business at a glance, and My Day, which shows all of your tasks, appointments and associated contacts so you can plan your day.



Find content regarding setting up campaigns, sending individual emails and broadcast emails, lead generation and scoring, campaign reporting, and settings.


Selling products or services online or through email is easy with Infusionsoft’s E-Commerce service. In E-Commerce Setup you create products, sign up for Keap payments or connect to one of the many merchants available. You can also set up billing automation to cue actions based on successful purchases, failed purchases, or credit card expiration.


The Admin area is where you set up your branding, billing, account information, add users, import data, and clean up your database.


Legacy features have been replaced with new functionality