Infusionsoft Overview


The Customer Relationship Management, or CRM area, contains all the customer related items including contacts, companies, opportunities, referral partners, visitors, and Zapier Integrations. This is where you can see your promoters, raving fans, and those folks that need a little more attention.


The Marketing area includes Campaign Builder, Email & Broadcasts, Lead Generation, templates and more. This is where the heart of your marketing lives!


Selling products or services online or through email is easy with Infusionsoft’s eCommerce service.  In eCommerce Setup you create products, sign up for Keap payments, or connect to one of the many available merchants accounts. You can also set up billing automation to cue actions based on successful purchases, failed purchases, or credit card expirations. This is where the revenue lives!


The Admin area is where you set up your branding, billing and account information, add users, import data, and clean up your database. This is the face of your business!