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A letter fulfillment job is created to make it easy for you to  process a mail merge and print labels for a list of contacts. The job is  created when the letter template is used in a campaign. It includes a  link to a letter template that auto-merges contact information from the  contact records so that you can batch print the letter for those people.  The letter jobs are automatically displayed in the fulfillment job  widget on your Dashboard.

Each job will accumulate (or queue up)  people until you begin processing. After you begin processing a specific  job, the system will not add any new people to it. It will, instead,  create a new job the next time the template is triggered. A letter job  displays the status, the name, and count (number of people queued) as  well as a link to view and process the job.

  1. Click on Begin to view and begin processing the job. Clicking on this link updates the job status to processing and the system will stop adding people to the job.

  2. Click on the Open Merged Letter link to open the letter in Microsoft Word and generate the mail merge. If prompted, click on Open or Open in Word. The system will customize the letter for each person in the queue so that you can print them all at once.

  3. Print the letter.

  4. Some letter jobs may include a link to print labels, or the job  have been created for the sole purpose of generating address labels. Click on the Print Labels link.

  5. Review the label setup
    • Merge Fields:  The merge fields pull information from each contact record. Click on  open merge window to add new merge fields to the label. Remove any  unnecessary merge fields or add default values for fields where a blank  field may be common.
    • Label Type: Choose an Avery label type and the position of the first available label on your sheet.

  6. Click on Generate Labels to open the labels in Microsoft Word. If prompted, click on Open or Open in Word.
  7. Print the labels
  8. When you're finished with this job, click the Complete button to remove the job from your dashboard. The job can remain pending until it is fully processed. Do not click complete until you have truly finished the job.
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