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If you build a custom storefront on your website instead of using the Max Classic storefront, you will use product links to send customers to the Max Classic shopping cart to check out page. The product links are used with "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" buttons or links. They can also be used in emails and posted to social media. Product links use the default shopping cart theme you selected through E-Commerce Setup > Design.

  1. To get your product links, Go to E-Commerce > Products
  2. Click on the name of a product.
  3. Click on the Links tab. There is a separate link for each purchase method (one-time and / or subscription plans.)

  4. The Link URL looks something like this...
    • The Product ID changes for each individual product.
    • The Subscription Plan ID shows up when the product is billed on a recurring interval (eg. monthly subscription, annual subscription.)

  5. Click on the link to preview the product in the shopping cart. (Optional)
  6. Click on the Copy button to save a product link to your clipboard. Send this link to your webmaster or use it to create a product link in your website.
  7. Example Website Code

When you add the link to the HTML code in your website, it will something like this:

<a href="">Add to Cart</a>

The buyer only sees the Add to Cart hyperlink.

When using an image, the code will look something like this:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
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