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If your company sells digital products (and you have our E-Commerce Add-on), like eBooks or audio downloads, you will need to create digital products in Keap. A digital product is specially designed to store the product file (under 10 MB), deliver a download link, and enforce download limitations. If you imported a product list, you will need to edit the records for the digital products to set up the delivery details.

You can add, view, and delete digital product files through individual product records or through the Digital Products area of the company file box.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Products in the main navigation menu
  2. Click on the Add a Product button.

  3. Enter a Product Name. This name is displayed to your customers and on the product list inside of Keap.

  4. Select Digital from the type drop-down and click on the Save button.

  5. Enter the product information and Save the product.
  6. Click on the Digital Files tab.

  7. Click on the Add File button.

  8. Select a file from the drop-down or click on the Upload File button.

  9. Enter the digital file information

    • File Name: Enter the name of the product here. Customers will see the name in the product delivery email.
    • File Description: Enter a brief internal description of the file context. This shows up in the summary page.
  10. (Optional) Repeat the process to add more files for this product.
  11. (Optional) License Keys: This feature allows you to insert an "inventory" of unique digital product keys.

    Keys are most often used by software providers whose customers need to insert a key to "unlock" their product. You will use a merge field in an email to insert a unique license key for each customer. You must separate the product keys with commas. Copy and paste the keys into the license key field and then click on the Add Keys button.

    Pro Tip! You can use the Product Inventory tracking feature to receive an alert when the key codes get low.
  12. Set up download restrictions.
    These restrictions help minimize unauthorized distribution of the digital product.
    • Days Available: This option limits the download time frame to a specific number of days. If the customer waits to download the product, this time limit may prevent success. The default is 0, which means there is no time limit.
    • Download Limit: This limits the number of times a customer can download the file. It tracks the number of clicks on the download link in the email (not successful downloads). The download link expires when this limit is reached. The default is 0, which means there is no limit to the number of times the customer can download the file.

  13. Set up the email delivery template by selecting an existing email template or click on the Add button to create a new email template.

  14. Click into the body of the email where you would like to insert the product download link.
  15. Click the Insert tab in the email builder

  16. Click on the Merge Field button

  17. Click on Digital Products in the merge list and then click on the name of the digital product to insert the digital product information into the email

    There are three merge fields for each digital product:
    • Digital Product Link:  The digital product link is required to download the file(s) for this product. The download link looks something like this:
    • (Optional) Digital Product Code: The code is the number at the end of the download link. It is not required to download the digital product, but can be useful if you need to troubleshoot a customer's download issue. Your customer can give you the code, and you can add it to the link (above) to test the download on your end.
    • (Optional) Digital Product Keys: Keys are most frequently used with a software product. The key is not required to download the digital product file, but may be required to unlock the software.

  18. Finish editing the email and save the email body changes.
    Scroll to the bottom of the email template and set the Email Readiness to Yes, then click on the Save button.
  19. Click on the Save button to apply the digital product updates.
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