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Virtual fields simplify the trigger automation or tag contacts based on a field selection. Virtual fields are an alternative to custom fields to capture users' answers on a landing page form such as a dropdown, checkbox, or radio option with the additional ability to tag and run automation based on specific field selections.

Example use case: I have a landing page and want to know how often my audience wants to receive marketing updates from my business. I can create a dropdown or check box or radio virtual field on my form that has 3 answer choices like "Weekly", "Monthly", or "Never" and apply tags accordingly. Now I can use those corresponding tags to start subsequent automations with timers that send weekly or monthly comms. I can also use those Tags to create Groups so that if I need to ever send out Broadcast emails, I am sending the correct type of messaging.

  1. Go to Marketing > Landing Pages
  2. Open any existing landing page or create a new landing page
  3. Add a form to the landing page and make sure it is selected
  4. Click the "Add a virtual field" button on the right side of the page
  5. Name the field and choose the field type (drop-down, radio or checkbox)
  6. Now, just add and remove the field options you would like and choose the appropriate tag for each field. Note that there is a limit of 10 tags per option.
  7. Click Create Field
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