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Your company information is displayed in some emails and on all opt-in/ opt-out confirmation pages by default. This information pulls from one of three places: the CAN SPAM address block, the company info fields, or a user profile. 

To send email broadcasts and ensure CAN-SPAM compliance, you must specify a valid physical address

CAN SPAM Address Block

The CAN-SPAM Act requires that all commercial emails include the sender's valid physical address. Keap adds your company address to the bottom of all broadcast and follow-up marketing emails automatically to ensure compliance. If the CAN SPAM Address block is empty, you will not be able to send automated marketing or broadcast emails.

Note that there can only be one physical address associated with your automated marketing emails. There is no option to add additional physical addresses.

  1. Go to Marketing > Settings in the main navigation menu

  2. Click on Email Defaults in the Settings menu.

  3. Go to the Address Block section to enter your company's physical address.

  4. Select a Layout: multi-line OR one line.

  5. Click Save.

Company Merge Fields

Your company name is merged into the default double-opt in confirmation emails and on opt-in/opt-out confirmation web pages. This defaults to the information you gave us when you signed up for Keap, but you can change it.

  1. Go to Admin > Settings in the main navigation menu.

  2. Go to the Company Info section to enter or edit your company name, tax ID, address, telephone, email, and website.

  3. Click Save.

User Merge Fields

If you are using owner or logged in user merge fields in your Keap emails, the company information you're seeing may be pulling from a user profile. This is less likely, but still possible.

  1. Go to Admin > Users in the main navigation menu and click on the name of one of your users.

  2. Enter the correct information on the General tab and click Save.
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