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Customers with existing subscriptions created via PayPal Express buttons should not use this tool, as it may stop some of your subscriptions. If this applies to you, please contact Keap Support who can assist you with your migration.

Migrate to a new payment processor

  1. Navigate to E-Commerce Setup > Payment processing
  2. Set a new payment processor as your default
  3. Click Yes, review them
  4. Review the payments that will be transitioned and click Move them
    Note: All payments, except any made through a PayPal Smart Payment button, will be transitioned to your new processor
  5. When the tool has successfully run, you will see a summary of your payment plans, subscriptions, and order forms that are now being processed by the new default processor.

What payments are migrated with this tool?

All of the below will be moved to the new default processor:

  • All payment plans, including active payment plans
  • All active subscriptions
  • The payment processor used when a client pays an order form (legacy included)

The transition tool will have no effect on subscriptions and payment plans that were initiated through a PayPal Smart Payment button. Those subscriptions will continue on and complete through PayPal.

What if I am connected to multiple processors? What is moved then?

The tool will move all active payments, except those initiated through a PayPal Smart Payment button, to your new default processor.

I keep seeing the migration message in my settings even after clicking "no" and I don’t want to see it anymore.

Click “do not show this again” before you hit no, and it will not appear again.

What if I am moving to WePay - will the credit cards tokenize?

When setting up a new WePay account, the system will automatically attempt to tokenize all credit cards in your app that have been charged successfully in the past six months and have a valid associated zip code.

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