Pass Contact Information To A URL From An Automation Link

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Legacy Notice: This article refers to a feature that used with legacy broadcast emails which are created in Marketing > Templates. Automation links are not supported in the campaign builder or when sending an broadcast using the modern email builder.

The Max Classic system tracks clicks on the automation link s you insert into drag & drop email templates and can automatically update that person's contact record or change follow-up communications based on the click. It can also pull information from the email recipient's contact record and place it in the URL of the web page they visit after clicking on the link. This allows you to personalize the page they visit (e.g. display their name) and / or pre-populate fields in a web form (e.g. their name and email address), so they can fill out the form more quickly and to minimize duplicates in your database.

To use this option, you must create a web page on your site instead of using the automation link thank-you page. This page must be coded to pull the information out of the URL and display it on the page or place it into the proper fields on a form. This requires some basic knowledge of website code - you may need to contact your website administrator to request assistance.

You can enable this option when you create or edit an automation link per the instructions below to add it later.

  1. Go to Marketing > Settings

  2. Click on Automation Links in the settings menu to view a list of saved automation links. Click on Edit for the one you want to configure or Click the Create button.

  3. Scroll down and to the right to find the More Options link.

  4. Mark the check box to place the person details at the end of the URL and select the fields you want to pass (e.g. First Name / Email.) Hold down the Ctrl key to select more than one.

  5. Click on the Save & Close button to apply the change. Make sure the destination web page is programmed to capture the information from the URL and display it or place it into web form fields. If you are linking them to one of your Max Classic web forms or landing pages, the fields will automatically pre-populate without any further configuration needed.

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