How to build a looping campaign

How to setup a campaign that will send and/or run an action continually.

Create your campaign

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Campaign Builder
  2. Click on Create my own Campaign
  3. Name the campaign
  4. Click Save
  5. Drag out two Tag Applied goals
  6. Create two different tags -- one for each goal

  7. Add a sequence between two tag goals, and connect the entry goal to the sequence, and the sequence to the exit goal

In the sequence

  1. Double click on the sequence

  2. Add an Apply/Remove Tag process after the Start timer

  3. Set the process to Remove Start Loop tag

  4. Next add steps (timers, emails, etc)

  5. Then a timer for at least 3 minutes

  6. For the final step, add an Apply/Remove Tag process to apply. Start Looping hold Sequence" tag

Create Second Sequence

  1. Drag out two new tag goals, and place a sequence between them, connecting the items

  2. Set the first tag goal to be achieved when "Start Looping hold Sequence" tag is applied, and the second tag goal for when " Start Loop " is applied

  3. Remove "Start Looping hold Sequence " tag

  4. Set timer for desired wait time before the contact is looped

  5. Apply "Start Loop" tag

The loop will end up looking like this:

Add End Loop Goal

Add Goal

  1. Drag a 5th Tag goal and place behind all sequences

  2. Set the Tag Goal to be achieved when "Remove form looping campaign " tag is applied

Apply Tag

The "Remove form looping campaign " tag can be manually applied in the contacts record OR you can create a process to applies it. For example if you created a process to apply the tag when a Opt-Out Web Form/Landing Page is submitted, that would apply the tag and therefore remove the contact from the loop

Contact's Campaign History Tab

When reviewing the Campaign History tab, you might see the Tag Goals listed before the Apply/Remove tag goal and/or the Apply/Remove tags grouped together. This is only a display issue because these run at the same time. The process is running as designed.

Field/Date Timers

In situations where a Field/Date Timer is needed create a second sequence to apply the "Start Loop" tag

Pro Tip! Because the restart tag is applied in a  different sequence line you wont run into the "Single Looping Line issue". Read more here

Why this setup over other ways of creating a loop?

This method is more reliable than the Tag Goal -> Sequence -> Tag Goal, because when goals are achieved simultaneously, there is a margin of error in which the can trigger the start goal before the end goal, causing contacts to drop.

It is also more secure than Tag Goal -> Sequence -> Sequence -> Tag Goal, while most single line loops work, a contact can start into the first sequence before the end goal is achieved. Once it is achieved, the contact would be removed.

By using two separate tags, and two separate sequences, we can ensure that the contact will loop properly

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