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Legacy Notice: This article refers to a legacy feature that used with legacy broadcast emails which are created in Marketing > Templates. Custom Automation links are not supported in the campaign builder or when sending an broadcast using the modern email builder.

Email links are a subtle, yet powerful way to engage email readers and personalize the follow-up messages they receive. Email links can be used to automatically initiate a change in the way you communicate with each contact. When the recipient clicks on an email link, the link action or campaign sequence you've attached to it will fire off automatically. An automated response can be assigned to campaign email links, broadcast email automation link s, double opt-in links, updates links, opt-out links, image links, and more. There are several different types of automation links in Max Classic.

Campaign Goal Links

These special links are set up in the campaign builder. They allow you to transition contacts through various automation processes. For example, when a contact clicks a campaign goal link in an email indicating that they have hav interest in a free consultation, they can be transferred to a "Free Consultation" campaign sequence that automates the consultation registration process. This is the most common type of automation link in Max Classic.


Automation Links

Similar to Campaign Goal Links, automation links serve a similar purpose, but are used primarily in Email Broadcasts. You can create as many automation links as you wish and reuse them in other email broadcasts. You can manage your automation links by going to Marketing > Settings > Automation Links in the main navigation menu.

  • Link to an external web page or a customizable Max Classic thank-you web page.
  • Tracks the number of clicks and displays them in various email reports.
  • Automation links are used in broadcast emails.
  • You can save automation links and use them in more than one email.


Confirmation Links (Double Opt-In Links)

When clicked, these special email links set the contact record's email address to a "Confirmed" or "Double Opt-In" status. An email with a confirmed status has higher email deliverability. Confirmation Links in a campaign are created using the campaign builder, while Confirmation Links in an Email Broadcasts are created in Marketing > Settings > Automation Links.

  • Link to a default, but customizable, Max Classic double opt-in web page.
  • Updates the email status on a contact record to "confirmed"


Update Links

Links to a default web page that allows a contact to update their contact information.

  • Links to a default update web page that allows contacts update contact information. You are not able to customize the update page.
  • Updates the information in a contact record automatically.


Opt-Out (Unsubscribe) Link

Links to a default Opt-Out web page. If the contact opts out, you will no longer be able to send automated emails to that person. All automated emails sent from your Max Classic account contain an unsubscribe link.

  • Links to a default opt-out confirmation web-page. You are not able to customize this page.

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