Holiday Card Address Collection

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This article provides instructions for launching the Holiday Card Address Collection campaign that you can download for free from the Keap Marketplace.

This campaign makes it easy to collect addresses for people we want to send a holiday card.

  1. Download the Holiday Card Address Collection campaign from the Marketplace

  2. Configure Email Send Dates/Times

    In this part, you tell the campaign when you want to send the initial request email and the reminder. While you can configure the timers any way you wish, the idea is to make the initial address collection request and then send a reminder one week before you plan to actually mail the card.

    1. Double click into the Request Address for Holiday Card sequence.
    2. Double click the first Date Timer and configure it for one week before when you plan to send your holiday card; click the green Save button.
    3. Double click the second Date Timer and configure it for when you plan to send your holiday card; click the green Save button.
    4. In the upper right of the page, click Draft to mark the sequence as Ready; in the upper left of the page click Back to Campaign
  3. Publish the CAMPAIGN

    All items on this campaign by now should look light green/greyed out (just like the ADMIN - Start Holiday Address Collection goal). This means we can safely Publish the campaign so it can be used.

    1. Click the Publish button in the upper right.
    2. Click the Publish button at the bottom of this list to publish the campaign.

    This campaign can be triggered to a group of contacts or on an individual basis.

    To add a group of contacts to this campaign:

    1. Do a contact search for the segment of your database you want to send a holiday card but don't have a mailing address
    2. In the upper left of the search results, click the Actions drop-down and select Start/Stop a Campaign Sequence.
    3. Select the 'Holiday Card Address Collection' campaign from the second dropdown and then 'Request Address for Holiday Card' sequence from the third dropdown
    4. Process the action
  5. To manually add a contact to this campaign:

    1. Apply the 'ADMIN - Start Holiday Address Collection' Note Template to a contact record. Click here for a tutorial on how to apply a Note Template.
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