Add a note to a contact

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  1. Navigate to the Contact Record and click the Tasks tab.

  2. Locate the Notes section.

Note: The number of Notes displayed is limited to 10. You can click View All to view all notes for the contact, 

Which opens as a pop-up window. View all is limited to 200 notes. If you want to see more than 200, use the tasks note report.

  1. Click Add Note, which opens a pop up window.

    1. (Optional) Assign to different user: Select a user from the drop-down to associate someone else with the note (if your user permissions allow).
    2. (Optional) Template: This drop-down list includes pre-populated note templates.
    3. (Optional) Type: Select a type that describes the interaction you're recording; e.g., call, email. Note: You can modify this list, if your user permissions allow, by navigating to CRM > Settings > Task/Appt/Note Settings.
    4. Title: Enter a subject line for the note. The subject is visible in the contact history, so it should be a short description of the interaction.
    5. Description: This is a more detailed description of the interaction.
    6. (Optional) Notify: Select one or more users to receive a copy of the note by email.
    7. Click Save to record the note in the contact record.

Pro-Tip: You can use note templates to record repetitive interactions. Note templates can also trigger automation in Infusionsoft. They can help your efficiency and reduce the possibility of errors.

Important Note: Your user profile permissions determine if you are able to delete a note from a contact history. 

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