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An upsell offer is used to encourage a customer to add more products before they check out. The upsell may highlight a companion product to one the customer has already selected, or draw attention to related products. An upsell offer appears when specific criteria are met. The upsell product most often has a discounted price designed to prompt the customer to "buy today." The criteria you define when you set up the upsell determines when customers see the upsell offer in the cart.

Important Note! Promo Code criteria will not operate on legacy order forms or legacy shopping cart.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Promotions
  2. Select Upsell from the drop-down.
  3. Enter the following details...
    • Name: The name shows up Infusionsoft users. It should be descriptive, summarizing the offer details.
    • Upsell Product: Select a product from the dropdown. This is the product you want to highlight on the checkout page, based on the criteria you set up.
    • Type: Select the link type from Checkbox or Add to Cart Button. This determines what the customer will click to add the product to the cart.
    • Description: The description shows up in the order summary. Please note that this feature is only available if you are using legacy e-commerce features.
    • Upsell Price: Enter the special offer price. The upsell will display both the regular price and the special price.
      Save the Upsell.

  4. Enter Criteria. These criteria define one or more condition that must be true for the discount to apply. If you set up more than one criteria, they must ALL be true to make the purchase eligible for the discount.
  5. Select a criteria type from the drop-down: Date Range, Promo Code, Product / Qty, Subscription Program, Order Total
  6. Enter the specific criteria parameters (i.e. start/end date, code, etc.)
  7. Save the Upsell.
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