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The new Email Builder is now available for Max Classic! This feature will be rolling-out in the month of February, 2023. The new Email Builder offers a ton of new features to create more powerful and impactful email templates. 

Just a few of the new features include:

  • Many new pre-made gallery templates to choose from based on Industry
  • Multi-column support.
  • More content blocks: Countdown timer, Appointment booking button, and more!
  • Switch from desktop design to mobile design by clicking a button.
  • Images - Unlayer provides a vast stock image library
  • Timer - it’s impactful! It creates a sense of urgency and can be used to promote specials or sales
  • Start from scratch and text only option - don’t need a template? Unlayer provides an easy way to personalize your emails
  • Template management - a bigger selection of templates to choose from to start modifying and creating your content.
  • Audit - it checks for empty links and prevent you from sending emails with buttons that will not work when a user clicks on it

Getting Started

  1. Open a campaign sequence
  2. Click and drag the New Email Message icon onto the canvas
  3. Double-click it, or single-click and choose View and edit to set up your email
  4. Select one of the gallery templates
  5. Note that you can filter them based on industry and usage
  6. Or start from scratch
  7. You can also choose a template that you have saved previously


  1. To start configuring the structure and layout of your email, click on the Blocks section and you can add new blocks into the template.
  2. You can search for pre-made blocks to add to the template
  3. Or add blank blocks for more customization. Click the "All >" button to see more options
  4. To remove a block, just select it in your template and click the delete button


Click the Body to modify the text color, font, body color, etc...


Click images to search from a huge database of free images


Click to upload your own images to use in your email templates.

You can also delete ones that you don't want to use anymore


You can use various types of content in your email. Just click and drag an item onto your template


Click the icons at the bottom-left of the email builder to switch between the desktop and mobile edition

Send a test email

Note that you can send yourself a test email while creating your email template

From address, subject line, etc...

  1. After you are finished customizing your email, click Next - Ready
  2. Finish setting up the details of your email and set it to Ready and Done

Edit images

You can edit images within the new Email Builder. First begin creating your email, then follow the steps below.

  1. Select an image

  2. Click Apply Effects & More

  3. Use the tools to edit your image

  4. Click Save to apply your changes

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