Campaign Email Performance Visibility And Date Range Selector

Infusionsoft provides the ability to view your campaign email performance from within your campaigns.  You will have the ability to customize your date range, to view past email performance (opens, clicks, opt-outs, bounces, etc.), all from the reporting tab in the campaign builder. 

  1. Navigate to the 'Reporting' tab within the campaign builder

  2. Choose from the list of preset date ranges, or choose a date range

    Depending on how large the date range is, users may see a loading screen as the data is being pulled

  3. Once the data loads, you are able to see email opens, clicks, opt-outs, bounces, etc.  This gives you the ability to observe email performance for the campaign

  4. (Optional) Click the Email Performance numbers to navigate to the corresponding marketing report for more in-depth reporting
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