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Sandbox Application

Sandbox accounts are typically used by developers providing on-going maintenance and services to their app (integration, add-on, plug-in, etc.) or for initial development. Some of the functionality of the sandbox applications is limited. Periodically we disable sandbox applications that have been inactive for long periods of time. Before taking action, we will notify the owner and provide a two week grace period. During this time, the owner can fill out a form to keep their sandbox application.


  • User License: 3
  • Contact Limit: 250
  • Emails: 100/month

Since these sandbox applications are for development and testing purposes we are able to offer these sandbox applications at *no charge. We do collect credit card information to allow the opportunity to test voice broadcast and fax functionality. The only time a charge would be incurred to the credit card on file would be for the use of voice broadcast or facsimile services. The fee for voice broadcast is $0.15/voice broadcast and the fee for fax is $0.15/fax.

*No charge for the monthly service. There may be overage or usage rates that apply for voice broadcast or facsimiles that are sent.

Sign up for a sandbox account

Customers can signup for an Max Classic sandbox account at


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