Create a contact record

There are several ways to create contact records in Infusionsoft. This is the quickest and simplest option for creating individual contact records. 

Manually add a new contact to Infusionsoft

  1. Click the (+) icon at the top right of any Infusionsoft page. Quick-Add is the fastest way to manually create a contact.

  2. If the default quick add form is not an Add Contact Form, click the drop down and select it.

  3. Enter the contact information and click Save.
  4. Click on the link to view and edit the contact record if you want to enter more contact details.

Another option is to navigate directly to the Add a Contact page.

  1. Navigate to CRM and click Contacts. Then click Add a Contact.
  2. Enter the contact information and click Save. Or click Save & Add Another Contact.

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