Create a contact record

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There are several ways to create contact records in Keap. This is the quickest and simplest option for creating individual contact records. 

Manually add a new contact to Keap

  1. Click the (+) icon at the top right of any Keap page. Quick-Add is the fastest way to manually create a contact.

  2. Enter the contact information and click Save.
  3. Click on the link to view and edit the contact record if you want to enter more contact details.

Pro-Tip: The email address is limited to 75 characters when using Quick-Add. If an email address has more than 75 characters, use the Add a Contact page shown below

Another option is to navigate directly to the Add a Contact page.

  1. Navigate to CRM and click Contacts. Then click Add a Contact.
  2. Enter the contact information and click Save. Or click Save & Add Another Contact.
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