How your from address affects email deliverability

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If you send emails through Keap using a Yahoo, AOL! or Gmail email address, there is a high chance that your email will be rejected because it was sent from Keap and not the actual provider. Please note this concept is not specific to Keap. This impacts anyone using a third-party email service provider or service that sends email on your behalf.

To reduce spam, email providers created strict DMARC policies that reject (p=reject) mail sent from outside of their respective servers. DMARC, Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance, is an email authentication protocol that allows domain owners to publish a policy statement telling receiving domains what to do if their message fails DKIM authentication.

To increase your email deliverability rate, we recommend that you use a custom email of your private domain. When you register a custom domain for your business, it helps branding and marketing as well as email deliverability. 

Is DMARC causing me email problems?

This affects Keap customers who send emails through Keap using a Yahoo, AOL! or Gmail email address in the From field of their emails; e.g.,

What is happening to my emails?

If you send emails from Keap using a Yahoo, AOL! or Gmail domain, there is a high probability that your emails will get rejected (bounced) by most major email providers including Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

How can I fix this?

The best practice is to send emails from Keap using a custom business domain; e.g., We recommend that customers obtain a custom business domain, setup an email address, and update the From fields for any email sent from an Keap account. Here is how you can create a custom business domain for Gmail.

Also, ensure you have set up DKIM email protocol

Keap Academy

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