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You can customize the standard labels displayed within your Infusionsoft application. This allows you to re-purpose a standard field or use names that are more familiar to you and your Infusionsoft users. When you change the label for a record or field in Infusionsoft, it is only a cosmetic change. It does not change the back-end database name that you would use to integrate other systems with Infusionsoft through the API .

Labels are displayed in the area navigation and drop-downs (e.g., You could change the label "Companies" to "Accounts" or change "Opportunities" to "Deals".)

Field labels are displayed within individual records, like a contact or company record. You can customize field labels to align with address field names for your locale.

  1. Go to Admin > Settings in the main navigation menu

  2. Click on Application in the settings menu

  3. The first section on this screen displays a list of system labels. Click on the link for the type of label you want to change (Order, Company,  Contact, etc.) The standard field labels are on the left.

  4. Click on the link (e.g. "No Value") next to the record or field  label you want to change, and then enter and save the new label name. In the example below, we rename "Company" to "Account."

  5. it now looks like this...

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