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Keap Max Classic is becoming Keap Ultimate! With the upgrade, you’ll be able to enjoy a modern, more user-friendly interface. Over the coming months, we’ll continue to upgrade and modernize the features you use most, and discontinue older features that have become outdated. These changes are all part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the most powerful small business automation software on the market.


Is this a new product or just a name change?
The name change to Keap Ultimate and the upgraded navigation experience marks the beginning of a progressive transformation of Keap Max Classic into Keap Ultimate, the undisputed top-of-the-line Keap software edition. This is more than just a name change; it’s the start of a significant upgrade and enhancement of our software that will allow us to provide improved experiences and modernized business automation tools. 

What is the timeline for the rollout of Keap Ultimate?
Between Dec. 4-18 we plan to do a phased rollout of access to the Classic/Ultimate toggle.

How long will I have before Max Classic goes away?
Likely not until some time in Q2 of 2024. See below for more details.

Is there a cost to switch to Keap Ultimate?
No. These feature improvements will be available to all users. 

Will I be forced to upgrade?
This will be rolling out to all customers, however, the current plan is for it to be in beta until February 2024, and the toggle will remain for at least 90 days after that.

Why is the name changing?
This is the most powerful edition of our software and we’re committed to continuing to improve it to keep up with the needs of our customers. We felt that the name “Classic” suggests something antique, so we wanted a new name that conveys that this is a modern, powerful tool for small business growth.

Will any features be going away?
We do plan to sunset some older features, though the timeline for that has not been determined yet. You’ll receive plenty of advance notice from us before anything goes away. Those features are:

  • Legacy Campaigns
  • Legacy Follow-Up Sequences
  • Legacy Web Forms
  • Other Broadcast
    • Voice Broadcast
    • Fax Broadcast
  • Basic Training
  • Pop Inbox

Why is Keap sunsetting some features?
Over the years, technology evolves, and so do the needs of our customers. We’ve decided to retire some of our older features that were designed several generations ago, some as far back as 2011-2014. By sunsetting these legacy features, we can redirect our engineering resources towards enhancing and updating the newer versions of these services. As a result, you’ll get access to more modern features that better fit today’s technology as well as the future needs of small businesses like yours.

How can I provide feedback about Keap Ultimate?
In-app feedback is something we pay close attention to. Please share any specific feedback or concerns there. Scroll to the bottom of a page in Keap Ultimate and look for the “Share feedback” option. If you don’t see it, try navigating to another page - some of the pages Keap Ultimate inherited from Keap Max Classic do not contain the link yet, but you don’t have to share feedback directly from the page you have feedback about.

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