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Order total discounts deduct a percentage of the purchase total (e.g. 20% off) or a fixed dollar amount (e.g. $10.00 off). Order total discounts apply to all products in the cart excluding tax and shipping.

When there are multiple discounts in force, you can determine whether the system applies the discount to the gross total (before other discounts) or to the net total (after other discounts have been deducted). 

Note: If you also want to require a minimum dollar value for the purchase, you will set that up as a criteria.

Order total discounts are displayed as an additional discount in the Infusionsoft shopping cart and order forms.

 Important Note! Promo Code criteria will not operate on legacy order forms or legacy shopping cart.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Promotions

  2. Select Order Total Discount from the drop-down.
  3. Enter the following details...
    • Name: The name shows up for customers and Infusionsoft users. It should be short but descriptive (e.g. 20% off June Purchases.)
    • Description: The description shows up for customers in the order summary section of the shopping cart and order forms. It can further describe the discount benefits.
    • Payment Type: This determines the total used to calculate the discount.
      • Select Gross if you want to apply the discount on the total purchase BEFORE other applicable discounts have been applied.
      • Select Net if you want to apply the discount to the remaining total AFTER other discounts have already been applied.
    • Type: This determines the method of calculation.
      • Select Percent if you want to set up a variable discount that is calculated by multiplying the order total by a percent (e.g. .20 for 20%.)
      • Select Amount if you want to set up a fixed discount that does not change based on the dollar value of the order. The discount is the same for every purchase, as long as they meet your specified criteria.
    • Amount: This is the numerical value for the percent or fixed amount discount.
    • Discount Referral Partner Commissions: Set to Yes if you want to base referral partner commissions on the discounted pricing instead of calculating the referral payout on the full price of the product. This only applies if you are using the Referral Partner component and have set up percent commissions for one or more commission program.

  4. Save the discount.
  5. Enter Criteria. The criteria define one or more condition that must be true for the discount to apply. If you set up more than one criteria, they must ALL be true to make the purchase eligible for the discount.

  6. Select a criteria type from the drop-down: Date Range, Promo Code, Product / Qty, Subscription Program, Order Total
  7. Enter the specific criteria parameters (i.e. start/end date, code, etc.)
  8. Save the criteria.
  9. Save the discount.
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