Create A Billing Reminder With Merged Credit Card Information

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You can send an email reminder that a credit card is about to expire. You can only access credit card merge fields when you create emails through the Billing Automatons.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Settings

  2. Click on Billing Automation in the settings menu.

  3.  Select "When a Credit Card is going to expire" and click "Add Trigger"

  4. After you set up the criteria for an order trigger, you will add actions. Select Sends an Email, Fax, etc. from the action drop-down.

  5. Select Email from the type drop-down and click on Add

  6. Create the Email Template, inserting the credit card merge fields where appropriate. While editing the email body, click the Insert tab to access your merge fields. From the merge field selections, you will find Credit Card Fields near the bottom of the list.

  7. Save the email template.

  8. Save the action and then click on Save Trigger.

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