Create A Physical Letter Broadcast

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A letter broadcast is simply a way to manually create a letter fulfillment job for a list of people.

  1. Go to Marketing > Email & Broadcasts
  2. Click on the Letter link at the bottom

  3. Select the contacts...
    • Saved Search: Select a list of people from the drop-down. If you frequently broadcast to a specific list of contacts, you should create a saved search for that list.
    • New Search: Click on the new search link to create a new list of people. This list is temporary, it is not going to be a saved search.
    • Quick Add: Add a new contact if you find someone missing from the saved search or new search lists.
    • Import: Import a new list if the people you need are not already in Max Classic.

  4. Click on the Next button.

  5. If you've created a letter previously, you can select it as a starting template

  6. Click the Edit button to begin creating the document

  7. Note that you can merge-in contact details by clicking the merge button and choosing a field to merge in.

  8.  Set up the notification message and choose the system user that will be fulfilling on this. Be sure to select, Needs Labels and you will be able to print Avery® labels for each letter.

  9. Click on the Done button to send the responsible user an email notification and create the letter job on the fulfillment widget home page dashboard.
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