Make Sure Contacts Always Complete A Sequence

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The sequences you add to a campaign are set to stop immediately when one of the campaign goals connected to the right of it is completed. The contact does not receive any of the remaining email messages and the remaining work flow processes will not happen. This makes sense when the remaining messages in the sequence are no longer relevant.

There are times you may use a sequence to deliver a series of educational messages. In this case, it makes sense to deliver all of the messages because they contain valuable information that the contact has requested. These messages are generally less promotional, and more educational. You may also use a campaign sequence to schedule internal tasks which must be completed even if the contact responds to a subsequent goal.

In these cases, you would want to edit the sequence settings so that the sequence will run until complete.

  1. Click on the flag icon on a campaign sequence to edit the sequence settings.
  2. Select Runs until completed
  3. Click Save to apply the update. Don't forget to publish your changes.

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