Testing Decision Diamonds

Infusionsoft by Keap offers a tool to test decision diamond logic. It's helpful to test decision diamond logic to verify how contacts will move through sequences.

  1. From the decision diamond criteria setup, double-click on the decision diamond.
  2. Click the + RULE button.

  3. Hover over Actions in the top right corner of the screen and click Test.

  4. Fill in the test form. You can test the logic of Tags, Contact Fields, etc.

  5. Click the Evaluate button. Notice the list at the bottom of the form which indicates the sequences that the contact will enter.

  6. In this example the contact will go into the CEO and Non-CEO Education paths, which is not intended. To fix this, add logic to the Non-CEO path to ensure that anyone without the CEO title would go there. Once that logic is added, run the test again.

  7. The test will indicate If the contact would fall out of the campaign. If this is the case, you would follow the guidelines provided in red.

Pro-Tip! Some campaigns containing decision diamonds may benefit from a Catch-All sequence.

A Catch-All sequence is an empty sequence titled 'Catch-All' or 'Other' that is connected to the decision diamond. It has no criteria rules so all contacts will fall there. The purpose is to create a backup list of contacts that have passed through the decision diamond. A catch-all sequence in your campaign allows you to keep contacts in their current place in the campaign while keeping a backup list of all contacts that passed through the decision diamond. This enables you to review any contacts that did not meet the criteria set for possible inclusion in another sequence.

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