Landing Pages - WordPress Plugin

You can display your Infusionsoft Landing Page in your WordPress website. It gives the appearance that the page exists on your website.

Pro-Tip:  In WordPress terms, a slug is the end of the URL when you create a new post or page. For example, "mylandingpage" is the slug in the following URL: This is also referred to as a permalink in WordPress terminology.

In SEO terminology, the term slug refers to the part of the URL that describes the page. For SEO purposes, it is recommended to make sure your slug contains a keyword that Google and other web crawlers can use to determine how to index and rank your page.

  1. Click Plugins, then click the magnifying glass and search for Infusionsoft.

  2. Click the Install Now button for the Infusionsoft Landing Pages plugin.

  3. Once installed, you can find the WordPress plugin under Settings > Infusionsoft Landing Pages.

  4. Enter the slug that you want to use and select the landing page. Note that it can't be an existing page name that you already published.

  5. Scroll down and click Add Landing Page.

  6. Click View to preview the page.
  7. Click Save Changes.