Campaign Goals - Wordpress Opt-in

If you use WordPress as your website builder, you have the option of downloading Infusionsoft's free WordPress plug-in. With the WordPress plug-in, you can create interactive, and Infusionsoft-compatible web forms on your WordPress site and even connect them to the WordPress Opt-in goal in your marketing campaign.


  1. From the campaign goal section on the left-hand sidebar, click on WordPress Opt-in and drag it to the campaign canvas.

  2. With the WordPress goal on the canvas, double-click.

  3. Next, designate which Infusionsoft WordPress opt-in form completes this campaign goal. Select the name of the opt-in form from the drop-down list. If you have a long list of opt-ins, begin typing the name of the desired form to locate it in the list.

  4. Once you have selected the desired opt-in form, you can finalize this configuration by clicking the Save button.
  5. The last step to finalize the WordPress goal completion setup is to ensure that the goal is connected to a sequence and that the subsequent sequence is properly configured to initiate automation for contacts completing the WordPress opt-in form.