Create A Legacy Email Template With HTML

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Be Careful! Campaign emails integrate closely with the link goals and campaign tracking. We recommend you use the standard Email Builder. If you must create campaign emails using the code editor, please consider the following.

  • The system automatically creates a CSS class (e.g. class="inf-track-55") for all of the links in the code email as soon as you navigate away from an email object.
  • If you are copying / pasting code form an outside email editor (e.g. Dreamweaver), navigate away from the email, and then double-click on it to return and copy the updated code (with the updated CSS). Paste the revised code into Dreamweaver. Do not remove the class information. This class is an integral part of tracking when links are used to satisfy campaign goals. If you do not copy the class information and maintain it in the code, the system will auto-generate a new class each time you edit the email object, which will break the campaign.
  • All of the links in campaign sequence emails are tracked automatically. If you prefer not to track some of the links, add class="inf-track-no" to the code.

  1. Double-click on a legacy email object in the sequence to edit it.

  2. Click on the Actions button and select, Use Code Builder. You'll see a warning that tells you that the code editor is not compatible with the standard drag & drop editor. You will not be able to restore the email to its previous state after using it. Click OK to confirm that you understand.

  3. Paste your custom HTML code into the editor. The system auto-saves sequence emails every 30 seconds and when you exit the screen.

  4. Don't forget to mark the Email as Ready so you can publish your changes.

  5. Click on the Back to Sequence button. This process will auto-generate the link classes mentioned above. The first time you create a sequence email object using the code editor, double-click on the email template again to copy the revised code.

  6. To use the Code Builder when creating an email broadcast, go to Marketing > Templates and open your email.

  7. Click on Edit Email Body and select Use Code Builder.

  8. Paste the HTML source code and click on the Save icon to apply the update.

  9. Click on Actions > Preview button to review the HTML email.

  10. When you are finished editing, click on the Close Builder button to return to the email template.

  11. Mark the template as Ready and click Save.

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