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The My Day page consolidates tasks and appointments onto one page. With  My Day, you can focus on one area of Infusionsoft to perform your daily activities instead of jumping around to various pages in Infusionsoft.  The left panel contains tasks and appointments. The large panel to the  right shows you the details of the tasks and appointments you select  from the left.

Add a Task

  1. Click the plus button in the Tasks panel
  2. Enter the necessary information f or your new task

Edit a Task

  1. To edit a task in the working panel, click on a task in the left panel to select it.
  2. The task details will appear in the right hand panel, along with icons for Edit and Delete. Click the Edit icon in the right hand panel to bring up the edit task screen.
  3. The edit screen is the same as the creation screen.

Once  a task has been edited and saved, the task remains selected in the list  and the right panel displays the task details. If the due date has been  changed, and the task no longer falls into the display criteria for the  working tab, then the right panel will return to the default blank view.

Completing a Task

To complete a task, simply click the check box next to the task title. The task will be struck through. The completed task will be removed from the Working tab and archived in the Task Note Report under Admin > Reports.

For tasks that have legacy completion scenarios (outcomes) that trigger automation, a modal with scenario options is presented to you when the checkbox is clicked. You must choose a scenario and click Save to complete the task.

Once a task has been completed, the task details are presented in a read only state,  and cannot be deleted or edited. If there is a contact associated with  the task, and the contact record is showing, you will still be able to  perform actions on the business card's action pane.

Manage Appointments

The Appointments panel on the My Day page displays your appointments for today and tomorrow. Each appointment includes:

  • Appointment Title (Character limited to one line. If the title needs to extend beyond one  line, it is shortened with ellipses. On mouse-over, a tool-tip will  appear with the entire appointment title.)
  • Start Time & End Time
  • Location (only displays if you specify the location.)
  • Attendee (only one attendee can be attached to an appointment.)

Appointments consist of the following elements:

  • Title - The Title is required
  • Contact (optional) -  If the appointment is tied to a contact record, start typing the name  of the person and choose the person from the drop-down list.
  • Location (optional) - Enter in the name of the location of the appointment.
  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time
  • Description - Optional details that you can enter.
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