Max Classic Mobile Card Reader

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An Active US Payments account is required to use the Max Classic Mobile Payments feature.

*Please note that the Keap Payments Bluetooth reader is no longer available as of February 2019.  The Keap Payments service in the application is still available.  

The Mobile Card Reader allows for payments to be taken, via orders, created in the Max Classic Mobile application, for Android and IOS. There are 2 versions of the Mobile Card Reader. The following steps will instruct on connecting the older audio jack model, and the new Bluetooth model, to a compatible device.

How to Use

  1. Launch the Max Classic Mobile application, on a compatible device

  2. Expand the Menu and tap Settings

  3. Tap on Card Reader to view connected readers, or add a reader

  4. Insert Payments Mobile Card Reader (audio jack model) or have the Payments Bluetooth Reader, nearby. Tap Connect your card reader

  5. Once the reader is connected to the device, a confirmation message will appear. AUDIOJACK is the audio jack reader model connected.

    MOB-## is the bluetooth reader model connected
  6. The Payments Mobile Card Reader battery level can also be viewed from the card reader settings


What devices are supported?

  • IOS: requires version 8.0 or higher
  • Android: requires version 4.0 or higher

How often does the Payments Bluetooth reader need to be charged?

  • The Payments Bluetooth reader can be used 200 to 400 times before needing to be recharged.

What do the different LED indicators on the Payments Bluetooth reader mean?

  • Red solid: device is on and has sufficient charge
  • Red flashing: device is on, but has low battery; also indicates charging battery
  • Blue solid: device connected via Bluetooth
  • Blue flashing: device ready to connect, but not yet connected

Is internet access required?

  • Yes, internet access is always required to process a payment (Internet access is also required for mag stripe transactions).

How do I allow card present processing in the rare case of a bad chip?

  • Swipe is allowed after 3 failed attempts to dip (using the chip). Those 3 attempts and subsequent dip must occur within the same transaction.
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