Create a Commission Program

A commission program defines the payment structure for a specific group of referral partners. You can create multiple programs, each with its own set of commissions and products. The commissions apply to every partner enrolled in the commission program; however, you can override program commissions for individual cases.

Commissions are calculated based on the price of the product(s) purchased. They do not factor in any additional fees, such as shipping and/or taxes.


Important Note on Finance Charges! When an order is placed that will payout commissions and the order has a finance charge, the payments will first pay off the finance charge before being applied to the commissions.

Pro-Tip! How much commission do you want to pay for your products/services? Commission is usually based on the partner's lead quality, lead volume, and your profit margin for the products involved. It also involves understanding what kind of commissions motivate a specific type of partner (e.g. a referral partner vs. a strategic partner.)

  1. Go to CRM > Referral Partners in the main navigation menu.

  2. Select Commission Programs from the Referral Partners menu.

  3. Click on the Add a Commission Program button to create a new commission program.

  4. Enter the Name, Notes and Priority Number: These serve as identifiers so that you and your partners can identify the program and recall summary level details. If your partners have access to their program information in the Referral Partner Center, they will be able to see this information.

    Priority Number - The priority number determines which commission program takes precedence if a partner is enrolled in more than one program. Programs with lower numbers will have higher priorities that those with higher numbers. If a partner is enrolled in a program with a priority number of 1 and a program with a priority number of 15 and both programs have a commission set up for a product that the partner promotes, then the partner will get a commission based on the program with the priority number of 1. In most cases, the programs with a lower priority number pay the higher commissions. If a product commission override is set up for one program, but not the other, then the program with the commission override takes precedence (regardless of priority numbers.) "0" is the highest priority.

  5. Click on the Save button. Note that there are three ways to define commission payouts (default commissions, product overrides, subscription program overrides). You can choose to use one option or a combination of two or three.

  6. Go to the Default Commissions section. These commissions apply to ALL of the products AND subscription programs you sell in Infusionsoft. Create a default commissions if you pay the same commission amount or percentage for all or most of your products. This will save you time because you only need to create overrides for the exceptions to the default commissions. The default commissions will also apply to each new product or subscription program you add in the future. You can just delete the default commission if you only want to assign one or a few specific products to the commission program and not pay commission on anything else. To make changes to the default commissions, click the Edit button. Or, just delete the default settings altogether if you only want to pay commissions on a few products.

  7. Enter the name of a product into the search box and click the name of the product to select it.

  8. Click the Create Override button to enter a commission for this product.

  9. Payout Type: Credit on Customer Payment: If you choose this option, the partner will not get credit for the sale or receive any commissions until after the customer pays the total amount due. For one time orders, this is the full purchase amount. For subscriptions, this is the amount due on the first billing cycle. This is the most typical setting.

  10. Payout Type: Up-Front Credit in Full: If you choose this option, the referral partner will get credit for the sale when the sale is made, even if there is a balance due after the purchase (e.g. they choose a payment plan.)

  11. (Optional: For Subscriptions Only) Pay commissions for: Enter a Cycle limit. This setting gives you the ability to limit the commission on subscription programs to a specific number of billing cycles. The default is 0, meaning the partners are eligible for commissions every time the customer pays a recurring charge related to a subscription program. Change this number if you want the referral partner to receive commission only on the first payment (enter 1) or for a limited number of payment cycles. Most typical is to pay the referral partner for the first cycle or the first 2 or 3 cycles.

  12. Enter the payout rules for the lead and/or sale partner for each affiliate level (if you have the multilevel referral partner setting enabled.) The Level 1 commission goes to the partner who makes the sale. The Level 2 commission goes to the partner who recruited the partner who made the sale and so on. Note that this dialog may look different in your account than mine...what options are available is based on how you set up your tracking and payout settings.

  13. Repeat these steps to add commission overrides for additional products.

  14. Go to the Subscription Program Commissions section and follow the product commissions instructions above to create overrides for products with subscription plans.

  15. Click the Save button.
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