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You can print a letter for one contact or create a letter broadcast to  print one for a group of contacts. Max Classic will create a letter in  Microsoft Word with the merge fields already filled in. You just need to print the letter and (if needed) the mailing labels.

Print a Letter For One Contact

  1. While on the contact record, click the contact action drop-down and select Print a Letter.

  2. Select a letter template from the drop-down. These templates are created and stored in the template library

  3. Click on the Process button to open the document in Microsoft Word

Batch Print a Letter for a Group of Contacts

  1. Go to Marketing > Emails & Broadcasts in the main menu.

  2. Click on the Letter option

  3. Select the contacts
    • Saved Search: Select a list of contacts  from the drop-down. If you frequently broadcast to a specific list of  people, you should create a saved search for that list.
    • New Search: Click on the new search link to create a new list of people. This list is temporary, it is not going to be a saved search.
    • Quick add a new contact: Add a new person if you find someone missing from the saved search or new search lists. 
    • Import a list of contacts: Import a new list if the people you need are not already in Max Classic.

  4. Click on the Next button

  5. Create a new letter or click on the Pick an Existing Letter link to select a template from your template library. Click on the Use This link to choose a template.  Note: If you create a new letter, fill in the processing info before proceeding.

  6. Click Send to send the responsible user an email notification and create the letter job on the fulfillment widget on their user dashboard
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