Remove unengaged contacts from email marketing

The content of this article is a follow-up to Find & tag unengaged contacts.  It assumes you have already completed the steps to tag your unengaged contacts.

  1. From any page in the app navigate to CRM and click Contacts.

  2. On the Contacts page click on the Tags drop-down list and select With ANY of these Tags. It may already be selected.

  3.  In the Tags field, type the name of the tag that you created in the previous step, "Find & tag unengaged contacts" and click it to select.

  4. Optional - In the Tags 2 field, select Doesn't have ANY of these Tags and if you have a Re-Engaged tag, type the name of it and click to select.

  5. Click Search at the bottom of the page. The search results should return the list of contacts who were given a chance to re-engage with your email marketing and chose not to. In order to ensure that you have the best possible email deliverability for contacts who are interested in your marketing emails, remove your unengaged contacts from all future email marketing.

  6. In the results list, check the Select All checkbox at the top.

  7. Click the Actions drop-down, then choose Update Opt-In/Out Status.

  8. In the Email Fields to Update list, select Primary Email, Email 2, and Email 3.  

  9. In the Opt In or Out? drop-down, select Opt-Out .

  10. Enter the Reason for Opt Update and click Process Action.

  11. Click the Process Action button. You have now successfully removed contacts from all future email marketing.
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