Get Your API Key in Keap and Infusionsoft

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Legacy Alert! This feature should only be used if a 3rd party developer asked for the encryption key. The encryption key is only needed for the Legacy authentication method. If you are unsure if you should use this please talk with the 3rd party developer to find out. If you are attempting to set up a new integration please visit

  1. In Infusionsoft, go to to Admin and click Settings.

  2. Under Application Settings click Application.

  3. If you are using Keap Pro, click on your avatar and choose Settings

  4. Then click API

  5. Scroll down to the API section and enter a passphrase in the text box and click Save. The API Passphrase is a password or series of words that is used to generate your unique API key. Remember your passphrase in case you ever need to generate your API key again.

  6. Your API Key is now available under the text box where you entered the pass phrase.

  7. Copy and paste your API Key into the required field in your 3rd party application.
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