How to locate and remove opt outs from email list

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Removing opt-outs helps to:

  • Maintain a current and active list
  • Open up free space in your contact list
  • Remove dead leads from your broadcast and campaign stats

Finding the Report

Go to Marketing>Reports and click on Email Status Search.

If results appear click New Search.


Locating Opt-outs

In the Status box, select Opt-out.

Pro Tip! Note that there are several status options in this search that can also be examined for removal. Non-Marketable, Provided Feedback, Reported Spam: These contacts no longer wish to be marketed to. Unengaged Marketable: These contacts haven't opened an email, clicked on a link, filled out a web form, or engaged in at least the past 6 months. Hard Bounce, Invalid Email: These are bad email addresses.

Further Criteria selections for Opt-outs

If you have a specific time frame that you wish to search for the Opt-outs use the time tools directly below the Status box.

  • Last Sent Date: This tracks how long ago this contact was marketed to in your application, is it a cold lead (over 4 months ago) or a warm lead (less than 4 months ago.)
  • Last Engagement Date: You have 2 options you can either search in 3 month intervals up to 12 months, or select your own date range.

The search criteria offers you basic contact field data to search on several tabs as well including General contact info, Addresses, Phone/email, and your Custom Fields.

Click on the Misc Criteria tab for more options:

  • Search for contacts using Tag criteria
  • Search for if they did or did not Purchase Products
  • You can search by the contact's Date Created,
  • See when the contact was Last Updated
  • Search for specific content on the records in the Data Exists field.

Also, you can search by Contact Owner, enter a date range for Last Open Date, the Last Web Form Submission Date, and Last Web Form Submitted.

Once you have selected your full search criteria hit Search.

To Remove Opt-outs

Pro Tip! You might want to do an Export of the list before you delete your contacts so that you have a record of the Opt-outs. Once the list is deleted, you cannot review/view them again.

To remove Opt-outs click on the Actions button in the upper left corner of the search results. Then go to Delete Contacts.

On the next screen check the box next to the number you wish to delete, be sure to review the warnings on the screen, Deleting these contacts will delete all associated orders, subscriptions, and referral partners. If this is fine, hit Proceed Action.

Note: Depending on the number of contacts you are deleting this might take some time to fully process.

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