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As you collect engaged customers as contacts, so do you collect contacts that become unengaged. List Hygiene is critical to your email marketing success. One method to maintain list hygiene is to tag your unengaged contacts and remove them from your lists. We do not recommend trying to engage your disengaged contacts as it can contribute to email spam complaints.

Tag contacts that have been unengaged more than 1 year

  1. From any page in the app navigate to CRM and click Contacts.

  2. On the Contacts page click the Misc Criteria tab.

  3. In the Last Updated fields enter a date 10 years in the past in the first field and a date one year in the past in the second field.

  4. Click Search at the bottom of the page. The search results will return all contacts who have been unengaged for greater than 1 year and less than 10 years. 

  5. In the results list, check the Select All checkbox at the top.

  6. Click the Actions drop-down and select Apply/Remove Tag.

  7. Select the Apply radio button and select a tag or click Create a new Tag.

  8. To create a new tag, enter a Tag Name and click Create this Tag. 

  9. Click Save. 

  10. Click the Process Action button.

All unengaged contacts have now been tagged and can be grouped for re-engagement.

The article, Remove unengaged contacts from email marketing is the next step in cleaning your email lists of unengaged contacts.

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