Validate a custom domain

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After verifying your domain name, you can customize the "from address" of an email to be

  1. In the main nav menu, click Settings under the Marketing section
  2. Select Email authentication
  3. Click Add a domain
  4. Choose the domain you would like to verify and enter the details.
  5. Create a new CNAME record on your host using the text below as the "Name" or "Host" (the actual name depends on your provider).
  6. Copy and paste the following text into your DNS "value" or "points to" field (the actual name depends on your provider) within the CNAME record.
  7. Once you've saved the record, return to this popup modal and click the Verify button.
  8. Once your domain has been verified, you can choose Customize email address when setting up a broadcast or a campaign email.
  9. Select your domain from the list of verified domains and fill out Display name and Email username
  10. Click Save
  11. Hit Save in the Sender step
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